Beneficiar: Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz University of Hannover
Consortiu proiect: Fundatia CDIMM Maramures (Romania); bsj Marburg (Germania); City Bound Wien (Austria); Kirsehir National Educational Directory (Turcia); Colegiul Tehnic George Baritiu (Romania); Inspectoratul Scolar Buzau (Romania); Nevsehir Technical and Vocational School (Turcia)
Finantator: Comisia Europeana - Lifelong Learning Programme
Perioada de implementare: Octombrie 2013 - Septembrie 2015

City Bound offers opportunities for experience-based learning in the participant’s immediate living environment. In contrast to adventure-based methods, City Bound takes place “just around the corner” and helps creating and enforcing soft- and hard-skills that young people need for daily- and working- life. These activities are highly equivalent to social situations, which trainees have to face sooner or later. Positive experiences made in ‘secure settings’ will have a long term effect and will help to master new challenges in real situations such as job interviews, vocation or in the workplace. Being active and successful in real situations provides the participants with confidence in themselves and in their abilities.

WP 1: Management - intalniri de proiect, rapoarte tehnice si financiare
WP 2: Adaptarea produsului existent - analiza competente cheie, rapoarte, adaptare concept City Bound
WP 3: Perioada de testare IVET Venture - test run realizat in Romania, Germania, Turcia si Austria si realizarea de rapoarte de evaluare
WP 4: Modificarea IVET Venture - modificarea / adaptarea modulelor de instruire tinind cont de experienta acumulata in perioada de testare
WP 5: Diseminarea rezultatelor proiectului - organizarea unor actiuni de diseminare: mese rotunde, conferinta internationala, seminar la universitati
WP 6: Activitati generale de promovare - dezvoltare baza de date, info flyer, newsletter, project website, articole jurnal, prezentari conferinte, ...
WP 7: Evaluarea - realizarea de rapoarte de diseminare, evaluare, monitorizare, ...


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Testare IVET Venture

Modificare IVET Venture

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Consortiu proiect

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